Bezel Design


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From our entryinto this world, till the exit, we are navigating our way through natural or built surroundings.It is often difficult for an individual to find his way through complex or unfamiliar places.

Signs, an important component of Wayfinding system design, help creating a conveniently accessible environment.
It is all about effective communication to the users, facilitating them in locating, identifying, orienting and finding their way around or within spaces with ease.

Article on Wayfinding

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Inspiring Graphic

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Medium – Ink and Poster Color


Artist – Mr. Yadvendra Kumar Bhatt (1942 – 2014)

Visual Communication

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Visual Communication is a mixed discipline between design and information-development.
Visual Communication seeks to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate the people to respond to messages, which can be either to build a brand, move sales, or for humanitarian purposes such as way finding systems and sign design for public areas.
Visual communication is more specifically graphic design, but has an alternate broader meaning that includes auditory, vocal, touch and smell.

Design for Outdoors

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Design for outdoors can also be termed as environmental design, and it encompasses the built, natural, and human environments and focuses on fashioning physical and social interventions informed by human behavior and environmental processes.

Our focus here is on developing physical environments, both interior and exterior, to meet one or more aesthetic or day-to-day functional needs, or to create a specific sort of experience.